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Old textured papyrus scrolls itler Skull and crossbones over old damaged map makhnach 3.

Treasure chest and a parrot bubert 2. Isometric treasure chests. Vintage treasure map freepik 39k Compass design with brown background freepik 62k Vintage paper mockup on wooden background rawpixel.

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Treasure map background and elements of pirates freepik 9k Vintage treasure map background freepik 8k Pirate map for the treasure hunt freepik 16k Treasure map background and watercolor boat freepik 20k Vintage treasure map in realistic design freepik 20k Treasure chest with hand drawn pirate elements freepik 2k Cute pack of decorative pirate items freepik 29k Adventure poster with retro sea navigation symbols and world map on background macrovector 7k Pirate treasure map with boat and elements freepik 7k Colored pirate treasure map freepik 5k Pirate treasure map of watercolor freepik 2k Map with pirate symbols brgfx 1k Pirate icons collection titusurya 6k Pirate treasure map in watercolor style freepik 5k Pirate treasure map freepik 1k Pirate treasure map with compass freepik 6k Map of pirate with path to the treasure freepik 1k Pirate banner set with retro treasure hunt symbols isolated macrovector 2k Funny vintage treasure map background freepik 5k Wooden background with treasure map and pirate elements freepik 1k Map with palm trees and pirate treasure freepik 1k Treasure map background with island freepik 1k So how do these Treasure Maps work?

First off, you shouldn't confuse these with earlier season challenges.

Treasure Map vectors and photos - free graphic resources

There used to be treasure map challenges that would pop up every couple of weeks these might have been removed from the game in anticipation of Season 8 and its pirate theme. You'd follow the map to the location of a hidden Battle Star. These new Treasure Maps have nothing to do with weekly challenges unless a weekly challenge pops up that tasks you with using them and are entirely based around finding glorious loot. When you find a Treasure Map, you have to use it just like any other consumable. A dotted red line will appear that shows you the general direction of the buried treasure.

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Note: You can only carry one Treasure Map at a time, so there's no way to hoard these. You may as well use them ASAP. Other players can also kill you and take them from you and vice versa.

Drawing a Treasure Map

In any case, follow the dotted red line and eventually you'll see a glowing yellow shaft of light indicating where the buried treasure lies. That's fittingly piratical. You'll now need to use your pickaxe to dig the buried treasure out of the ground.