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We need to learn how to let go in order to enjoy life more.

The key to living a good life is not giving a fuck about more things but rather focus only on the things that align with your personal values. Here are my favorite lessons:. It reinforces the idea of what you lack and what you should have been but failed to be. By giving too many fucks, you become overly attached to the superficial and fake and live life chasing a mirage of happiness and satisfaction. Less is more. We no longer face a material crisis, but rather an existential and spiritual one. Everything worthwhile in life is won through surmounting the associated negative experiences.

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Accepting your experience of life as being great and wonderful is the single greatest thing you can do for your happiness. You realize you are pissed off for a tiny matter and that again pisses you off even more. The solution is to not give a fuck about negative experiences anxiety, anger, guilt, fear etc.

Happiness is not a solvable equation. Dissatisfaction and unease are inherent parts of human nature. These are necessary components of creating consistent happiness. Problems never stop, they only get exchanged or upgraded. Boring can be good…. Congrats on the success…. It definitely limits my stress levels for sure. Some really great shit here! I try not to let thing outside of my control affect me.

Why waste time and energy on these things. By not giving a shit about these thing you can reduce stress and live a much happier life. Love the post. Stress can certainly lead to unhappiness. I would like to think everyone should apply this lifestyle of not-giving-a-shit but I have to take exception when it comes to work. Stress is a huge part of not giving a shit, Maarten — very, very huge. I think you are right, though, that there is a fine line between not giving a shit and actively shirking your responsibilities, which you certainly want to avoid at all costs.

Especially when people are depending on you, like at work. Haha, well said. I have found that I save a lot of money by not giving a shit about a lot of things. Being less picky about what I wear, eat, drive, or furnish my home with allows us to save more and spend on the things we do care about, like travel.

Thanks Kalie! I do think to much about the possible outcomes and events that can occur and then my mind starts to wander away… Someone gave a good framework. It comes down to this: I you can influence it, take action, if not, let it go…Looks easy on paper, not so easy for me.

Too much meddling often winds up diminishing the potential return — at least it has in my case. It works great for me. I fucking love this article.

How to not give a fuck

I give zero shits about most things, except I cannot let my husband win an argument. I need to give less shits about that. Giving less shits has enabled me to be a stay at home mum, travel the world with my family for 15 months and now pursue my own business. Not giving a shit what people think about you is empowering, but so hard to do as we are conditioned to please and impress from a young age. Break that cycle and true happiness is within reach. Haha, appreciate that, Emma. I fucking love that you fucking love this article. Well done, Emma! I definitely have not mastered the art of not giving a shit.

You reap what you sow

I practically shit at the sign of the merest trouble. And no one to give it to! I no longer hide under the blanket when bad things come our way. I definitely am not programmed to shrug things off, but I am getting better at it. Loved this post, Steve! Thanks Penny! I like that attitude — shit happens. It always will happen. Yes and yes. Thank you so much for this post, Steve! When you say that people master caring too hard — that definitely spoke to me. I started to realize that in the process, I was forgetting to take care of myself too. Perfect, Alyssa. Sometimes this distinction is less obvious than it should be!

And of course we aspire to stop giving all the shits about work soon! But taking on that attitude too soon would derail our early retirement plans. We kinda need those big bonuses to make it all happen! Knowing what shits to give is an important element in this equation, no doubt. When I was young, I thought sports were important. My whole week would be ruined if the Cowboys lost on Sunday. In fact, this past season, I only watched one game—the Super Bowl.

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  4. And that was only because my mom is a big Panther fan. Groovy and I relocated to Charlotte almost ten years ago. We finally got our financial house in order and had some breathing room. It started slowly with Fridays. I no longer gave a shit if any particular Friday was a payday. Then I no longer gave a shit whenever utilities and cable nickled and dimed us. Dad wanted to go to Italy, so Mrs. Groovy and I followed. Hillary, Bernie, or Donald will save us. Just like Barack did. Stock market about to implode? Bring on the correction. Thanks, Steve, for defining and naming a philosophy that truly turbo-charges your pursuit of happiness.

    I only wish I could have developed this attitude thirty years ago. Haha, thanks Groovy — fucking love your comment! Your attitude is completely refreshing, believe me! Cheers to you too, good sir! I just had the best job Interview ever. I already have full time job that helps me not give a shit I just wanted to add a few more hours to my regular pay check. I was applying for an elder care job.

    How to Stop Giving a Fuck What Other People Think

    So I answered questions really honestly with a comedic flare just being myself. Just one example was when I was asked what kind of elderly activities I liked such as bingo, knitting, board games etc. Loved This Discussion Have a comment? I enjoyed this article very much, I'd like to make a quick observation from your description between the duality of "Giving a fuck" and "Not giving a fuck". The relinquishment of this duality, the realization that both are on the same spectrum two opposite ends of the same pole, for those who prefer analogies , and living outside of this duality is known as Wu-Wei, or non-action which doesn't translate to english as efficiently as it is described in it's original text.

    Wu-Wei isn't the forceful act of un-concernednesss, but rather the passive mindset in which all events are neutral and are treated as such. My point is that, by combining the two as you've described, is much like the realization of Wu-Wei and is fundamental to cultivating a mindset that you've described in this article.