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While many people on a ketogenic diet rely heavily on butter, cheese and cream for fat and flavor in their food, there are some who have found that they lose weight faster and just feel better when they avoid dairy. I love cheese as much as the next person, but when I limit or cut out dairy completely, I DO tend to feel better overall. Since so many are embarking on a dairy free keto diet, my assistant Stacey and I have put together this list of the Best Dairy Free Keto Recipes we could find.

Whole 30 Breakfast Burrito — Cooking with Curls. Blueberry Streusel Scones — Healthful Pursuit. Keto Chicken Ramen — Broke Foodies. Asian Cucumber Salad — Prepare and Nourish. Keto Chicken Korma — Beauty and the Foodie. Chicken Broccoli Alfredo — Mama Shire. I'm such a fan of tikka masala and making in a slow cooker would totally rock my socks! Thank you! Will definitely be making it again.

This looks so creamy and delicious! This looks fabulous! Definitely pinning it to try this month. I look forward to it, yet dread it at the same time. Made this yesterday: amazing! I'm planning on making it again today It has been almost a staple for the past 30 years.

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When I first saw your recipe, I was skeptical. Quite skeptical. I have also never had much luck with slow cooker recipes. But you changed all that!! I just made it - 4 lbs of it! And it's almost gone!! This has been an amazing dish - so delicious and easy! My husband thanks you too! I cannot wait to make it again!! OMG Vanita, your comment made my day.

I mean, I love this recipe - it's definitely one of my faves - and I make it all the time. But knowing that a born and raised Indian loves it just as much as I do, is just awesome! PS And thank you so much for taking the time to comment :. This is a great recipe!

I made it with coconut milk and did rice for the kids and quinoa for me, it was a huge hit and will go into heavy rotation! I am a nutrition coach and will be sharing this post with my clients! Nice work! This looks great, im making it tonight, i would like to add some veggies though, whatvwould work?

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Thanks, Cat. I was wondering the same thing This is a great recipe - is there anyway to substitute the chicken for either tofu or another vegetable? Any recommendations? This looks so good, I love Indian food and I can't wait to try it!!!! Where do you buy Garam masala??? You can get it at pretty much any grocery store in the spice aisle, unless you live in a teeny tiny town maybe.

No worries I finished all of it! Can you make this with Chick peas? Thank you so much for an amazing recipe! Just got done eating this. Not bad at all!! I should have been born in India because I could eat only the flavors of India and be totally content. I've tried a number of recipes for this dish and while they've all been good enough, this is the best yet.

PLUS, it was so much easier than any of them. I love crock pot cooking, so I had to try it. I'm glad I did. Next time I am going to try Coconut milk instead of cream. I think the slight change in flavor it will give the sauce will be perfect! Also, because I am fully stocked with canned garden goodies I used half tomato sauce from the store, and half canned tomatoes from my pantry. It was so good!

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We love this recipe! Going to make this for dinner tonight. I read through the recipe twice and am surprised that there is no salt Hi just bumped into your blog, will try the cauliflower cheese toast for sure. I have the original recipe for tikka for you here. I am sure you will find it very interesting. This recipe is soo good! One of my staples now for sure!

Stupid Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe - Crock Pot Paleo Madness

I have a few questions tho. I feel like everything could just be mixed in the crockpot and not dirty another bowl, no? I've been using a separate amount of olive oil to grease then adding the 2 tablespoons to the recipe, is that correct?

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I just timed myself and it took an hour and 20 minutes for me to prepare. Granted I like to take my time and measure things carefully but with all the chopping of onions, garlic, and ginger, and how many different spices you have to measure, I don't get how it could be done in 5 minutes? Next time I just made myself extra batches of the spice mix and I guess I'll prechop all the veggies! Hello Mike!!

Even my picky daughter asked for second and the rest of the family and myself give it a 10!!! Bravo, this recipe for sure will become a favorite in our house, thanks!!! I'm excited to make this tonight! Quick question though, do I cook the chicken first or put it in the crock pot raw? We cooked the chicken a bit first no pink showing on the outside.

It was really good! The chicken shredded a little, but it was amazing!! Could you substitute the chicken for steak? I love this recipe, but sometimes the chicken is dry. I started using boneless, skinless chicken thighs instead of breasts for that exact reason.

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Hi, I love this idea, but seems a little high fat- can I sub half and half or yogurt? Otherwise looks great and I would love to make it. I'm wondering this too! It seems a bit high, which is why I hope rice is included, but maybe not? Either way, this looks amazing and I'm going to make it next week!

Really love your blog and recipes, Mike!