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AK begins by showing that Dispensational, Reformed, Lutheran and New Perspective on Paul theologians all restrict the applicability of Old Testament Law today, but he is advocating that all law is applicable always — by means of the theological sense of each text. Relationship precedes, but does not preclude, responsibility. AK begins with an extended exegesis of Genesis AK looks at the Redemptive-Historical or Christocentric approach to preaching, evaluating and critiquing the arguments put forward, as well as surveying the biblical passages used to support the approach bizarrely, he does not survey John 5 here.

The alternative? Christiconic Preaching. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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How Should We Interpret the Bible? (Selected Scriptures)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Kuruvilla describes the theological entity that is the intermediary between ancient text and modern audience, and defines its crucial function in determining valid application. Based on this hermeneutic, he submits a new mode of reading Scripture for preaching: a c hristiconic interpretation of the biblical text, a hermeneutically robust way to understand the depiction of the Second Person of the Trinity in Scripture.

Privilege the Text!: A Theological Hermeneutic for Preaching

Download an extract of chapter 4 of Privilege the Text! I have read, and benefited from, his earlier book, but this one goes further. In identifying this new ugly ditch, he also makes an original contribution to the theological interpretation of Scripture.

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His focus is squarely on edifying the church. This is a book on preaching rooted in theology rather than communication skills, and for this I am very grateful!

Kevin J. The move from text to preaching is not a straightforward one that can simply be left to individual inspiration and the Holy Spirit. It requires a theologically- and hermeneutically-informed reflection, lacking in much of the more recent literature in the fields both of homiletics and the theological interpretation of scripture. Francis B. Rarely does one find such a clear, careful, and comprehensive description of the goals and methods of biblical theological hermeneutics as we have in this volume by Abe Kuruvilla.

Privilege the Text!: Abraham Kuruvilla: Trade Paperback: Powell's Books

I could imagine using this as the primary text in a course on biblical preaching and savoring every chapter. Thomas G. A theological hermeneutics for preachers has been long overdue, and I am glad to see that this book provides an accessible entry-point into this vital topic. The move from the Bible—with all of its particularity and groundedness—to theological truth requires a depth of hermeneutical sophistication that can only be gained through serious study and attention—and mastering a book such as this.

I think Abe Kuruvilla has provided an intelligible approach to this perplexing and recurring problem. Stanley E. In this sophisticated and lucid study Abraham Kuruvilla draws on recent work in hermeneutics and biblical interpretation to shed fresh light on the nature of biblical preaching. He gives careful attention to the specific issues posed by the use of Scripture in the context of preaching.