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Sutner, Josef. Gebundene Ausgabe ohne Schutzumschlag. Innen sauber und gut erhalten. Insgesamt ein gut erhaltenes Exemplar. Gewicht: g. Erscheinungsjahr: Leipzig, Weigel, Sprache: Deutsch.

Perls, Hugo Seine Auffassung vom Kosmos. Insgesamt textsauberes, gutes Exemplar. Sonnabends von Uhr bis Uhr. Eva C. Keuls: Plato and Greek Painting. Leiden E. Von Bonitz, H. Bonitz, H. Platonische Studien. Unser Preis. Philosophie, Platon. Die Sache mit Plato und der Perle. The Symposium. Plato's Republic. Der sterbende Sokrates. Erscheinungsjahr: ohne Jahresangabe.

Xenophon und Plato. Hyperion-Verlag Freiburg. See similar items. Gute, gepflegte, ausgeschiedene Bibliotheksexemplare mit entsprechenedem Stempel. An sehr wenigen Seiten feine Unterstreichungen in Bleistift.


Im Einzelfall bzw. Gebundene Ausgabe. Hinterer Einbanddeckel mit Kratzspuren. Etwas Kellergeruch. Perls, Hugo. Plato - Seine Auffassung von Kosmos. Weygoldt nach ihrem Wesen und ihren Schicksalen. Die Platonische Philosophie. IV, Seiten, Ganzleder mit Deckelvergoldung. Die Verteidigung des Sokrates - Kriton. Aspasia oder die platonische Liebe.


Eine Reihe von Luxuspublikationen mit Bilderbeigaben. Wieland, Chrph. Platonische Briefe an eine Frau. Tausend, Leipzig. Platonische Mystik. Nietzsches Wettkampf mit Sokrates und Plato. Published by the Folio Society in - First Printing. Translated by Tom Griffith. The slip case shows external ageing and wear to the bottom as you would. Condition: The book appears to be unread and is in immaculate condition.

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Publisher: Penguin. Edition: Condition: good for year Thomas Morus und Plato. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Humanismus. Ehemaliges Bibliotheksexemplar mit Stempel und Signatur. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. This, indeed, would connote "softness," something not wanted in our guardians, who are to be simultaneously brave and happy, not unlike the family dog.

Plato actually says that. The overwhelming import of the reading so far has been to show me how very far we as a culture western have come in the more than 2, years since Republic 's composition.

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As Martin Luther King Jr. I stopped on p. To use a line from Candide , "the book fell from my hands. So I will. View all 20 comments. Before The Republic , reading was a disorganized activity—much the same as wading through a sea of jumbled thoughts and opinions.

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But after reading The Republic , it was as if the entire intellectual landscape was put into perspective. Reading became a focused activity, meant to engage with certain questions. An exhaustive list of the disciplines touched upon in this dialogue would be massive—epistemology, metaphysics, psychology, eschatology, political science, economics, art, literature, music. By posing these questions in their most basic forms, and attempting answers, he makes it clear which questions are the important ones in life, and how difficult they are to answer. It has everything a classic should have—a unique perspective, brilliant ideas, engagement with perennial issues, and a charming writing style.

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Nevertheless, there are some perplexing and frustrating things about Plato. For one, it is extraordinarily difficult to figure out where Plato stands in relation to his work. He puts his ideas—sometimes conflicting ideas—into the mouths of the people of his day. The result is a kind of double confusion. Perhaps Plato was just fond of playing intellectual games and creating philosophical pocket dramas. Added to this is a kind of subtle irony that creeps up in several of his dialogues. In Phaedrus, Plato has Socrates complain about the evils of writing; yet Plato obviously loved to write. In The Republic , as well as elsewhere, Plato repeatedly equates knowledge with goodness, and falsity with evil; yet he proposes to found his entire utopia on a massive lie.

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And again, in this book Plato puts forward one of the most famous arguments in history against poetry and the arts; yet Plato was one of the most artistic of all writers. Plato proposes to banish the myths of Homer and Hesiod; then Plato ends his magnum opus with his own myth. You see these contradictions again and again, which leads you to wonder: how many of his arguments are meant to be taken seriously? This would be no mystery if he was a halfwit.

But the quality of his writing and the originality of his ideas make it clear that he was a genius.