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She married her first cousin, the third Duke of Atholl. They were both succeeded by their son, the fourth Duke and ninth Baron. The dukedom and barony remained united until the death of his great-great-grandson, the ninth Duke and fourteenth Baron, in see the Duke of Atholl for more detailed information on the holders during this period and for later history of the title. The abeyance was terminated by the Queen in in favour of John Drummond of Megginch, who became the fifteenth Baron.

Regency Romance Author

However, on his death in the peerage once again fell into abeyance, this time between his three daughters. It was called out of abeyance in in favour of the eldest daughter, Cherry, who became the sixteenth Baroness. She was the wife of Captain Humphrey ap Evans — , who along with his wife assumed the name of Drummond of Megginch by decree of the Lord Lyon in Lady Strange was one of the ninety hereditary peers that were allowed to remain in the House of Lords after the passing of the House of Lords Act On her death in the title was inherited by her eldest son, the seventeenth and as of [update] present holder of the title.

The family seat was Megginch Castle , near Erroll , Perthshire. This barony was created by clerical error in , confusing Lord Derby with the claimant of the older Barony Strange of Knockin created in See Baronies created by error for details. The heir apparent is the present holder's son Hon. John Adam Humphrey Drummond b. The style Lord Strange was used as a courtesy title by the Earls of Derby until James Stanley, Lord Strange — , Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster ; he was the son of Edward Stanley, 11th Earl of Derby , who unlike his 6th cousin, the 10th Earl did not hold the barony of Strange it having passed to the Murray family.

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Nowadays the Earls of Derby use the courtesy title of Lord Stanley for heirs apparent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Written in a more old-fashioned manner, the setup is intricately done and makes for a definite sense of time and place. The hero and heroine, although well aware of the other's existence and character or so they believe, don't actually meet until well into the story. It's well crafted and quite moving in parts.

Three Lords for Lady Anne by Charlotte Louise Dolan

I liked it. It was all Napoleon's fault. If it hadn't been for Bonaparte's determined pursuit of power and glory, her father would not have been killed at Trafalgar, leaving his family destitute. If it hadn't been for Napoleon's war with just about everyone, Joanna's brother would not have used their meager inheritance to purchase a commission in the army and go racketing all over Europe, leaving her to her uncle's less than tender mercies.

The Substitute Bridegroom

And if it was not for the Corsican upstart then Joanna's best friend would not go to Brussels to be part of the mad gaiety in that city. What was a girl to do? I liked Joanna but I can do without another book about Waterloo so find it hard to do this one justice.

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  • All I can say is that Dolan can't write badly, even about Waterloo. I have spoken to him and in the future he will not bother you in any way. I prefer to stay at home. In fact, the younger men made it a test of their manhood to stand up with the unfortunate young woman. Demetrius Baineton, Lord Thorverton was outraged to be called upon to rescue his younger brother from her influence. Could these addlepated superstitious fools not see beyond such arrant nonsense to the lovely girl herself?

    Although he's sworn to remain a bachelor for life, Demetrius decides to befriend Meriba; determined to refute her unwarranted reputation by staying alive and well. She's really the loveliest girl but not at all the wife he would chose - if he wanted to marry. Loosely linked to Three Lords for Lady Anne.

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    I found the mystery of the curse not that much of a mystery as most of us had rather more than an inkling of the suspects rather soon in the book and certainly rather sooner than the hero and heroine. I guess there was some excuse for the heroine, all things considered, but the hero was really a little too much of a dunce in this to suit me. Still, a charming book for all that. Richard Hawke only gradually became aware of a warm body cuddled up against him, and it took him a few more moments to become sufficiently awake to identify where he was.

    He had a vague memory of deep blue eyes and black hair and a forehead that seemed perpetually creased in a worried frown. He smiled to himself, pleased that she had finally relaxed. He doubted that he made a very soft pillow, but apparently she had no complaints. And he definitely had none. With that thought, he allowed the rocking stagecoach to lull him back to sleep.

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    Lady Cassiopeia Anderby might be the daughter of one Earl and the sister of another but for her there was not the life in luxury common for women of her breeding. Her father had been a rake and a wastrel and her brother worse. His latest scheme was his most despicable to date - Cassie was to be sold, preferably in marriage, to a man rich enough to tow the dissipated brother out of River Tick. The last man he would chose was the not quite acceptable Richard Hawke, whose past was as shady as his ancestry.

    But Richard, although his armor was less than shiny, was a true knight bent on rescuing the fair maiden - and ruthless enough to carry it through to a successful end. I liked the fact that there is no cop-out with the ineligible suitor revealed to be a duke in disguise. Would this be possible in anything but a romance?