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You can find on Google Maps all that information. So yes, it is a mistake to ignore local SEO because you might lose an important quantity of customers in your physical store, restaurant or business and visitors on your site, ultimately. You should create a Google My Business listing and fill out the information.

Also, you can optimize your landing page with local SEO keywords within your title tag, H1 tag, URL, page content and image alt description. Another best practice is to create accounts on Yelp and Tripadvisor to receive reviews. You can, also, search for other authority sites that offer local business listing. Well, here we are again with an extensive explanation.

48 Fatal SEO Mistakes to Avoid Weakening Your Rankings

They are too long, too specific and you can see in the Keyword Planner tool the query has almost no searches on Google. Use Keyword Planner to find keywords that are relevant and have searches, so you can receive traffic on your site. In addition, you can search on Google for that specific keyword to see how many results it shows you.

Automated Title Tags are those types of titles that are generated instantly after you wrote the title of your topic. You can change them for a more compact version of it. Title Tag is an essential element in the SEO world. Set it right and optimize it correctly. You can have an idea about how the first title will look in the SERP by checking the next picture: This is the preview for the second title:.

If you write short content maximum words with little information about a topic, it could be a mistake because you might lose quality links and traffic. Except the fact that you might be placed on better ranks, the longer the content, the more you give them the feeling of trust and the more you can help them by answering their questions.

The most important thing is to create useful and long form content to say everything you know about that topic. You must find out how long your content should be for your audience and keep it entertained. To someone who is an SEO novice, keyword cannibalization might happen.

Improving the replicability of empirical research

It is a mistake because you can confuse the Google bot, who might not choose the right piece of information to show in the search results. You must be careful when you optimize your content. Also, you could try using SEO by Yoast to optimize your content because it tells you if you have chosen a keyword for that article and that it has been used once before so you can avoid keyword cannibalization. This can also be a mistake because search engines make a connection between the content and the words written in the heading.

You Won't Be Using These Platforms Forever - Skysprout 2019 Keynote

H1 is the most important type of heading, and you should use it just once during a piece of content. You should add keywords in your heading tags whenever possible. It helps you to rank better, gain quality traffic on your site, and it is a sign of relevancy and good optimization. However, you must not abuse this practice. There could be cases when you accidentally stop your site from being crawled by the search engines because of a robots.

It can happen when you launch a site and forget to remove its blocking. You need to check your robots. You must be very careful to the changes that your site goes through. Make sure you check the elements of site code. If done right, redirects have the ability to solve some big problems for a site. They offer an elegant design instead of an obsolete one, have a better user experience and most important, keep the link juice. You need to check all the URLs that are redirected.

You can do that by accessing your server. Having a loop redirect can happen if it is a server configuration issue and a page has multiple redirections. One solution, also suggested by Google, is to delete cookies. You should look for too many redirecting codes and try to clean the file. Canonicalization is a hard word to pronounce, but a practice not so hard to use. If you have a business about cats and your site is thecat. Not using the tag you might encounter, involuntarily, content duplication.

You can easily step out the content duplication area by using this code for every version of your website URL to redirect them to the original site. Because search engines rely on offering better user experience, they rarely show two versions of the same website in the search results.

5 Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your eCommerce Revenue

There might be those particular cases when you search for a query, and the search engines show maximum two results that send you to the same website. We must not forget that using CDN improves the speed of a site. We live in a world that changes a lot from day to day, and there are political, geographical, cultural boundaries and much more. Using AJAX to display content was a big hit back in the days, but in Google announced that it would no longer support the AJAX crawling scheme because it uses too many resources to render the websites and it was a challenging practice.

You should rely on HTML and not on scripts. Google suggests you use the principles of progressive enhancement to built content:. For example:.

48 Fatal SEO Mistakes to Avoid Weakening Your Rankings

Having a slow website speed is a mistake because you will create a bad user experience which will lead to losing traffic and eventually to killing conversions. The reasons why you have a slow site speed could be:. Here are some solutions for the reasons mentioned before:. You can check if your site is having a slow speed if you analyze it with the GoogleSpeed Tool. Below you have a screenshot to see how the report looks like. You have a score for both mobile and desktop including specific solutions and recommendations to improve the speed and the user experience.

If you insist on using flash to create your content, the right way to do it would be to build an HTML version.

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A tool that helps you to optimize flash content is SWFObject 2. Google checks if your site has a page and encourages you to create useful pages. Since forever, the internet has changed regularly. So has your business. From the beginning of a site until the version it is today it has suffered changes and some URLs may have too, or maybe they were written with mistakes somewhere on the web.

Imagine that when you click on that type of link it shows a standard Error without any support to find what you searched for. A personalized page could look something like this:. That rule applies to all the URLs that you change. Depending on your ISP you can find instructions for every situation you are in by reviewing these methods to implement URL Redirection via code and htaccess redirect. If you have a Redirect set, the code tells everyone bots and visitors to pass from page A to page B, but without the link juice. If you have a Redirect, it moves the visitors, the bots, and the link juice permanently.

The redirect must be on the original server to receive the request and send everyone to the new location. There are lots of people who value design more than content. You must bear in mind that there are people that might not trust your site if it has an ugly design.

Improving the replicability of empirical research

Even worse, you might have a website with bad user experience. The content is what brings your visitors on the site. The first thing you should do is not to compensate. The second thing you should do is to have an appealing content. Afterward, try to make a nice design for your site. Also, there are pages that have no clicks and bring no value and therefore damage the ranking of the whole website. First, you need to check the indexed pages from your website using Webmaster Tools or Google Console, as you can find it now.

Then you should identify which pages have low rankings and are underperforming and in the end you need to no-index them.

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  6. You can do that by implementing a page level Meta Robots tag and placing tag. But be very careful not to push the limits. This is the whole procedure to prune your own content. This is an example of poorly managed sitelinks:. The Search Console Support Team says that you could avoid poorly managing your site links. There are best practices you can follow, however, to improve the quality of your site links. Google took action regarding sites that have a mobile version through the Mobilegeddon algorithm update. Therefore, mobile friendly is now a must if you want your website to be visible in rankings.