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Share 3. Do you enjoy writing? Are you passionate about helping others grow in their spiritual lives? Click here to download my free self-editing checklist. A harried mom may read one just before bed.

A busy teacher may read one during lunch. The Writing Method When you settle on a passage of Scripture as your anchor text, read it in different translations. Need help fine-tuning your devotional? The Makings of a Good Devotional Your reader is giving you a few minutes, and in exchange you must provide an engaging piece of writing that offers new insights. Examine something with me. Stick with tangible images, things readers can see, touch, smell, hear, and taste.

Five Basic Patterns Learn these and you can begin using them immediately: 1. The Self-examination Draw on personal experiences and use anecdotes to teach valuable lessons. You Interact with Other People Report on something you learned from a friend, coworker, or family member. The Object Lesson Use a tangible object to parallel an event or circumstance.

Begin today by answering: Did God use a specific verse of Scripture to change your life? Hows did it affect your outlook?

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Has God brought a person into your life to alter your direction? Like Philip with the Ethiopian eunuch, how did someone suddenly enter your life as a teacher, friend, mentor, or accountability partner? When did God make Himself known to you in a dramatic way?

Girlfriends in God Daily Devotional for Women

Did you receive an answer to prayer regarding a health issue, financial need, or spiritual awakening that proved He was working in your life? Record the details. Had God ever reprimanded and brought you back in line when you were spiritually wayward? Did God use a deep hurt in your life to make you sensitive to others or to show you new ways to be effective to those you serve?

So keep in mind: People live in many different financial and social conditions. The distinctive beliefs of many denominations and theological traditions are precious to people and must be respected. Some readers have limited education. So keep things simple but not condescending. People in other countries may not understand your slang and pop culture references. It is usually better not to write devotionals that stir controversy. So avoid topics such as infant baptism, female ordination, or speaking in tongues. Some publications ask that you begin or end with a prayer or thought for the day.

Length varies, from as short as 75 words to as long as The guidelines will state the preferred method of submission. Summary Writing devotionals is a good way to enter nonfiction writing, earn money, and make a positive impact on thousands of readers.

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When you arrive to do devotions, everything will be ready for you. Decide on a Time Frame. There's no standard time frame for personal devotions. You decide how much time you can realistically commit to each day.

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Start with 15 minutes. This time may stretch into more as you get the hang of it. Some people can commit to 30 minutes, others an hour or more a day. Begin with a realistic goal. If you aim too high, failure will quickly discourage you. Decide on a General Structure. The next four steps cover some typical activities. If you pick up your Bible and start reading randomly each day, you may have a difficult time understanding or applying what you've read to your daily life.

Believing God For Things That Seem Impossible - Encouragement for Today - September 27, 12222

Spend Time in Prayer. Prayer is simply two-way communication with God.

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Talk to him, tell him about your struggles and cares, and then listen to his voice. Some Christians forget that prayer includes listening. One of the loudest ways God speaks to us is through his Word. Spend time meditating on what you read and let God speak into your life.

Spend Time in Worship. God created us to praise him. First Peter says, "But you are a chosen people You can express praise silently or declare it in a loud voice. Here at Girlfriends in God, we have tweaked that a bit. Girlfriends in God is taking a village for Jesus! And when you touch a child, you impact his or her entire family. Timeline Photos But even after I made a commitment to follow Christ, feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and inadequacy… buff. Heavenly Father, thank You for choosing me to be your child.

Today, I am choosing to believe that I am who You say that I am—a holy, dearly loved, child of Yours who is equipped by You, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and enveloped in Jesus Christ. A Little Reminder From God.